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Marvin Wealth Management provides complete wealth management services and investment management. We also have qualified and non-qualified plans for businesses and individuals.

All of our strategies are tailored to provide ongoing financial services that help you work towards your most important goals. Since each financial decision tends to impact others, we encourage you to consult with us regarding all of your needs so we can help you develop and implement a comprehensive and fully integrated solution.

A list of our services include:

  • Fee-based investment management through LPL Financial
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Long-term care and insurance analysis
  • Qualified and non-qualified plans for business and individuals
  • Access to tax and estate planning attorneys, CPAs and other financially-related specialists

At Marvin Wealth Management we have access to local tax and estate planning attorneys, CPAs and other financial specialists. If your customized portfolio calls for their attention, we can put you in touch with and work in close coordination to ensure all aspects of your financial investments goals are addressed.

As independent representatives of LPL Financial, we do not provide proprietary products but rather make all our investment decisions based on preserving and managing our clients’ wealth.